Thursday, April 21, 2005

I wrote some reviews over at the poetryweblog: Gary Snyder, Patti Smith and Bob Dylan.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

I Figured As Much....

The legal counsel to Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) admitted yesterday that he was the author of a memo citing the political advantage to Republicans of intervening in the case of Terri Schiavo, the senator said in an interview last night.

It states:

"This legislation ensures that individuals like Terri Schiavo are guaranteed the same legal protections as convicted murderers like Ted Bundy," the memo concludes.

It asserts that the case would appeal to the party's core supporters, saying: "This is an important moral issue and the pro-life base will be excited that the Senate is debating this important issue."


When do I get a law made just for me, instituting full gun control, health care and improved education monies for all?

"April is the anniversary of the world." --Stephanie Peirce.

Blessed night, warm night.
stars straight as if hung on clotheslines
opposite that fish-bone sharp moon.

Blessing the night: sweet jazz,
strong friends, hot noodles,
two-weeks early birthday present.

Bless my ghosts, their words
and notes and names,
the lights they left burning in me.

During Mercury station (occurring this weekend), it is said that one may have a dream which is a true message. Last night I dreamed I was kissed by a baby bison. The buffalo symbolizes abundance.

I also came up with a new prayer, which I think will catch on fast: "Everything's great!"