Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Dreaming

My dreams are exceptionally vivid. It's been this way most of my life, but lately I am finding it both exhausting and annoying to absorb every little detail. I dream my dog is dognapped, and I get her back and flee for hours through the Parisian subway, enjoying opera, farmer's market, and cave paintings along the way. Every segment is chick full of visual and meaningful detail.

Last night I dreamed I attended the secret wedding of Ralph "Bucky" Phillips, a local fugitive
who has successfully eluded state troopers all over Western New York since he escaped from prison and shot a trooper in May. The wedding took place in a sunlit church in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and the young woman I befriended showed me all over the church, prior to its evacuation due to flooding.

Tired. I am going to try putting some thyme by my pillow; it is said to reduce vivid dreaming.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Technorati Rat Tech Pack

Blogger doesn't officially support tagging, but...I love tagging. Starting now, tags will append most blog posts.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hidden Beach

Went to my favorite beach today. Lay down and rested, deeply. Realized I always feel profoundly good at the lakeshore; happy childhood feelings suffuse me.

At Hidden Beach.

Spent summers of my early childhood staying in a trailer my father built, at a place called Guenther's Grove, in Port Colborne, Ontario. There was a compound, where many people stayed all summer long in their mobile homes, with an enormous willow tree in the center. There were outhouses; I remember old Guenther and his sons digging them out. Across the road, there was a formidable hill of sand, over which we had to climb to reach the beach. A challenge for tiny legs. There were stairs on one side of the hill, but my brother and father often would race each other up the steep slope. The best fun was running crazy down the other side of the hill.

Asleep in the trailer, 1973.
It was a happy time.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Dog Days

Actually, I am loving these cool summer days. Tinges of Fall.

Mariah at Delaware Park.

Today was busy; I spoke on a panel, did library research, shopped, made corn relish and granola from scratch, and took the dog with me to happy hour.

Delicious accomplishment.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Season of My Path

Today I pulled weeds, talked to my moonflowers, harvested parseley and basil to make pesto, and I planted Russian sage (Perovskia). Love her.

Have been reading regularly at Wise Woman Forums. This post moved me.

"{{Some plants have the ability to give signs; they can mark our path. As a woman of power, you need only learn how to follow the trail.}}"

Plants give us so many signs, I do not know if I can think of all of them at one sitting;
They mark the seasons of our paths
Changes Past, Present and Future
birth dying rejuvenation transformation
Harmony Magic .....

They don't have anything to undo; they can proceed directly.

Plants are one my directional elements in many aspects of my life.

Plants Give Signs of their sacred dialogue
Speak and show me;
the path
the way

you're my ally

the direction of the sun


how to heal

how to pray

how to listen, be still
how to receive knowledge
how to talk to spirits


face of gaia

that you are my
brothers and sisters
how to be a gatherer

draws sustenance

vision and power
transforming one element into another the spiral of life
release of my wildness to be
a wild woman

- Kalunyaha: Wi

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Smitty's Book

Buffalo novelist Susan Smith's first novel, Of Drag Kings and the Wheel of Fate is being rereleased by Bold Strokes Book on August 30, 2006. The story of a divorced English professor who falls for a young, charismatic drag king, Smith's first novel offers realistic and likeable characters, unexpected love and a touch of pagan magistry.

Sound interesting? Feel free to check out the Press Release or visit Smitty's website for other things s/he's written, notices of upcoming readings and a link to Smitty's personal blog.

You can order the book on Amazon or ask your local bookstore to consider carrying it if they don't already...

Book Description
A sultry, mystical novel of love and destiny, of leather jackets and cigarettes, Of Drag Kings and the Wheel of Fate will draw you into its passion, power, and magic, leaving you spellbound. Rosalind, a college professor, moves to Buffalo for her first job where she meets Taryn, a young butch drag king, and they set the harsh upstate winter ablaze with their intense attraction, but find out it is so much more than that--all the world's their stage, and they must act on the demands of fate, or lose everything. Smitty's eloquent prose lures you with its beauty and captivates you with its unashamed honesty; its intensity will overwhelm you and make you beg for more as the words burn into you. Rosalind and Taryn will reside in your heart and soul long after you've read this book for the 20th time. You will find the meaning of life, you will be entranced in the sublime, and you will be grateful for the moment.

And keep your eyes pealed for the sequel, Burning Dreams, to be released in December 2006.

(via Johnny Class)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Aurora Borealis, Candlelight, Dreaming, Evening, Firelight...

Harvesting: Comfrey (dry and vinegar), basil, parseley, chamomile, mint, orange mint (newly identified, growing wild), mullein.
Hennaing: my long hair with Rainbow henna, medium auburn, mixed with red wine, olive oil, and raspberry zinger tea.

Working: why yes, rather a lot. Is this why I haven't been going out? Yes. And tired from working. I've attended none of the Infringement Festival, Shakeapeare in the Park, Pine Grill Reunion, Juneteenth, Jazz at AKAG, Gusto at the Gallery,

Carousing: I did make it to happy hour Friday to see Five-to-One, this week featuring Abigail Unger on vocals. It was a City-Honors-laden crowd, happy indeed. Also attended a librarian-dense gathering at jennimi's.

Speaking: On Tuesday, August 15, at noon, I am speaking on a panel regarding The Rise of the Creative Class, moderated by Chuck LaChuisa. Note: I am not planning on doing any poetry readings for awhile. Forfending burnout, and storing it up for performances when my book, Letter, comes out this Fall.

Eating: popsicles, pesto, blueberries, oatmeal, Hippie-Thai-Pasta. Recent meals at Shango (awesome), Lone Star Fajita Grill (eh), and Somali Star, the new food stand at Grant near Lafayette. I love their sambusa! I bike there, scarf one with some Mango Explosion drink, then site down and slowly savor a second pastry, full of tasty meat and whole spices, onion. I am completely happy with this new business.

Drinking: A rare amount of white wine. Hendricks and ice. Lemonade.

Watching: Allen Johnson's Another You DVD, A Scanner Darkly, I'm Your Man, Bring It On.

Shopping: I spent a few hours at the mall on one of those very hot days. I took a lot of notes and bought nothing. Then I went to Amvets and spent $28 on 5 pairs of pants, three shirts, and a scarf. Perfectly satisfied. This week: trying to figure out what to buy to spend $50 on groceries, in order to use my $50 off Tops coupon.