Monday, August 07, 2006

Aurora Borealis, Candlelight, Dreaming, Evening, Firelight...

Harvesting: Comfrey (dry and vinegar), basil, parseley, chamomile, mint, orange mint (newly identified, growing wild), mullein.
Hennaing: my long hair with Rainbow henna, medium auburn, mixed with red wine, olive oil, and raspberry zinger tea.

Working: why yes, rather a lot. Is this why I haven't been going out? Yes. And tired from working. I've attended none of the Infringement Festival, Shakeapeare in the Park, Pine Grill Reunion, Juneteenth, Jazz at AKAG, Gusto at the Gallery,

Carousing: I did make it to happy hour Friday to see Five-to-One, this week featuring Abigail Unger on vocals. It was a City-Honors-laden crowd, happy indeed. Also attended a librarian-dense gathering at jennimi's.

Speaking: On Tuesday, August 15, at noon, I am speaking on a panel regarding The Rise of the Creative Class, moderated by Chuck LaChuisa. Note: I am not planning on doing any poetry readings for awhile. Forfending burnout, and storing it up for performances when my book, Letter, comes out this Fall.

Eating: popsicles, pesto, blueberries, oatmeal, Hippie-Thai-Pasta. Recent meals at Shango (awesome), Lone Star Fajita Grill (eh), and Somali Star, the new food stand at Grant near Lafayette. I love their sambusa! I bike there, scarf one with some Mango Explosion drink, then site down and slowly savor a second pastry, full of tasty meat and whole spices, onion. I am completely happy with this new business.

Drinking: A rare amount of white wine. Hendricks and ice. Lemonade.

Watching: Allen Johnson's Another You DVD, A Scanner Darkly, I'm Your Man, Bring It On.

Shopping: I spent a few hours at the mall on one of those very hot days. I took a lot of notes and bought nothing. Then I went to Amvets and spent $28 on 5 pairs of pants, three shirts, and a scarf. Perfectly satisfied. This week: trying to figure out what to buy to spend $50 on groceries, in order to use my $50 off Tops coupon.