Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I got a mention in this podcast this week, done by my oldest and most creative friend, who has now published piles of novels. I also get some good advice for the literary problem I posed to her.

Packing Heat: Erotica Writing Tips and Techniques: Packing Heat 080: Switcheroo
Do your sex scenes sizzle? Are your readers on the edge of their seats wondering what your characters are gonna do next? Is the biggest complaint you get that you need to write more stories?Let's get to work on that! Or at least get your butt in the chair with inspiration to keep writing!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November Writing Releases

Here are some stories for and free!


Poems by Celia White

This collection of poems is emotional, sensual, and deeply felt. $13


My mother brushes me aside while I'm cooking dinner.
She thinks I don't know how quickly things burn.

She doesn't know
about you.

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Short Stories

The Story of a Girl,
in which Josie deals with family, identity, and changes in her relationship with her best friend. $2

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Natalie and God in the Locked Room, $2

" We played. We played poison. We’d play that there was poison in our bodies, and then we’d touch each other with it. Nat would touch my toe and say here's poison, and I would touch my toe to her knee and say, there's poison, she would put her knee to my arm and say now there's poison. I don't really know why I liked this game, but we played it a lot. We never squealed or tried to get away from the poison. I think it was just fun to pass something back and forth, to share something with somebody. "

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Living Color, $2

A day in the life of a family.

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Free Downloads
Vamp, a story by Celia White
Micro-fiction with a vampire perspecgtive. FREE
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Plenty Salty Pumpkin Seeds

scoop, clean
boil in saltwater, 10 min
canola, sesame oil, tamari
400, then 300

light, crisp, roasty, addictive.


I worked 6 days in a row at my various jobs and I too am crispy.

I got HEAP!

I have plans to go to NYC in January. There are few things as cheering as plans.

According to my Blogger Dashboard, I have made 420 posts.

Friday, November 06, 2009


This is the soundtrack to the ride to the trailer and beach at Guenther's Grove, Port Colborne, Ontario. This is in my DNA. It IS my father's voice and psychology, for me. I have heard it over and over...

My version was taped from TV on early 70s metal cassette. I can't find it today, though it is a thing I'd never discard. I'm glad these exist. Heck, the sound quality is equivalent if not better...

Part 1
Part 2. (Just watch this one if you are only vaguely interested. at 2:25, there's "Typically English"...)

11:11 PM