Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November Writing Releases

Here are some stories for you....cheap and free!


Poems by Celia White

This collection of poems is emotional, sensual, and deeply felt. $13


My mother brushes me aside while I'm cooking dinner.
She thinks I don't know how quickly things burn.

She doesn't know
about you.

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Short Stories

The Story of a Girl,
in which Josie deals with family, identity, and changes in her relationship with her best friend. $2

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Natalie and God in the Locked Room, $2

" We played. We played poison. We’d play that there was poison in our bodies, and then we’d touch each other with it. Nat would touch my toe and say here's poison, and I would touch my toe to her knee and say, there's poison, she would put her knee to my arm and say now there's poison. I don't really know why I liked this game, but we played it a lot. We never squealed or tried to get away from the poison. I think it was just fun to pass something back and forth, to share something with somebody. "

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Living Color, $2

A day in the life of a family.

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Free Downloads
Vamp, a story by Celia White
Micro-fiction with a vampire perspecgtive. FREE
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