Monday, June 04, 2012

Spaulding Soup

Celia’s Sweet Potato and Corn soup...Early December Soup...Spaulding Soup
first made: 12/2/08

The ingredients are flexible. Tonight, I had fresh corn, baked sweet potato, and a fresh can of chipotle in adobo, so it was obviously go time. 

I was experimenting with these ingredients when Spaulding Gray went into the river. I recently tried to read his journals, but could not continue. 


1 large baked sweet potato
1 cup corn
3 cups stock (I make a veg stock with parmesan rinds)
Adobo or green chile or jalapeno (to taste)


Roasted red pepper strips
Parmesan rind
Add shrimp at the end
Stir in yogurt. (or milk or cream or sour cream)

Start with onions.  Caramelized
Something green? Scallions?
Add lentils, butter beans, penne?

A sweet, hot, slow burn;  very delicious.