Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Season of My Path

Today I pulled weeds, talked to my moonflowers, harvested parseley and basil to make pesto, and I planted Russian sage (Perovskia). Love her.

Have been reading regularly at Wise Woman Forums. This post moved me.

"{{Some plants have the ability to give signs; they can mark our path. As a woman of power, you need only learn how to follow the trail.}}"

Plants give us so many signs, I do not know if I can think of all of them at one sitting;
They mark the seasons of our paths
Changes Past, Present and Future
birth dying rejuvenation transformation
Harmony Magic .....

They don't have anything to undo; they can proceed directly.

Plants are one my directional elements in many aspects of my life.

Plants Give Signs of their sacred dialogue
Speak and show me;
the path
the way

you're my ally

the direction of the sun


how to heal

how to pray

how to listen, be still
how to receive knowledge
how to talk to spirits


face of gaia

that you are my
brothers and sisters
how to be a gatherer

draws sustenance

vision and power
transforming one element into another the spiral of life
release of my wildness to be
a wild woman

- Kalunyaha: Wi