Friday, June 20, 2003

A new chapbook

Suddenly today I put together my new chapbook manuscript. I also have a "real", full-length manuscript in the works, too, plus a young adult novel and three non-fiction books, but anyway...

I think it's called Sip.

Last time I laid out a chapbook (gad, this is my 5th, and I still suck at it, have to do everything 4x) was at Yancey's in the Inner Sunset, my second week in San Francisco. Just before I left SF, I had drinks with Kim Addonizio there.

People sometimes query, why (what with) the one word titles all the damn time? I, who am usually so strivingly precise with words, cannot quite say. Phrases charm, but it's still individual words which have meaning, for me. It's why I still writhe away from Language poetry. It's meaning I always want, I don't care if its beautiful if it's true, something I can know & learn from & be expected to accept.

This from the girl who still can't do trigonometry.

Poet's hand on Mission Street (quote from Jack Micheline)


Hey, I'm reading at Rust Belt Books on Allen St. in the B-lo at 7 pm tomorrow, with Susan Peters and Jorge Guitart, each of whom taught me when I was a wee snark wordmeister, plus music by Stu Shapiro. Should be amusing. Did I mention my intention this summer is to read only fresh from the notebook stuff? Come one, come all...and run off weeping! Fun for the whole family! Thank you, I practice at home.