Sunday, November 16, 2003

In the news:

The experts have finally named my inability to do math: Dyscalculia. It's always funny to me when I'm relieved to have a label or fit into a statistic, but in this case, I have 7 of the 11 traits listed here.

I am collecting "hot chocolate recipes" to celebrate this: Hot chocolate brews health benefits.

I lost my digital camera in San Francisco and I miss it every day. However, I am playing with my tape recorder again and making mixtapes, one of the best pastimes in my world.

I'm teaching 10th graders 4 days this week--eek! Haven't done anything in this vein since 1998 or so. Looking forward to it, except for that no autonomy, scheduled, getting up at butt-crack of dawn thing.

Saw two movies I didn't love: Talk to Her (great soundtrack tho) and Pieces of April (happy ending with no words or resolution? Not my style.)

Otherwise, lots of late nights up to no good, mostly feeling very good and then not feeling very good at all. Horoscopes indicate sweeping change. That's for sure.