Saturday, December 13, 2003

Singing My Head Off At High Speeds

I got the urge for going and headed to Boston for most of the past week. I attended a conference, dined & drank with my former neighbor, Peter, and watched some of Angels in America on HBO in my hotel room.

Maybe best, I drove at high speeds, singing my head off by myself in the car. Nice as this was, I realized I've been travelling by myself most of my adult life & it would be nice sometimes to have a companion. I got a little (okay, a lot) sentimental driving past the Pioneer Valley, where I attended college. The blue snow, the pine forest, the too much wine.

Glad, tho, to be home with hysterically happy dog, no snow at all, homemade pesto primavera. Great dreams in which the bookstore became not only theatre but gallery and studio space. Kristi was making something with canvas & slabs of wax, and there was a bed in the corner where one could lie down between bouts of art. Yes, that is life in Buffalo, for me.

Singing quietly but very much in tune, ambling the frosty streets.