Friday, April 02, 2004

April, ah, when the details come back....--Stan Rice

I love April. There are already tiny flowers, and my tulip & daffodill bulbs have burst under the mud & are pushing up.

I went to NYC for a few wonderful, energetic days, where I saw several beloved friends and bought silly trinkets. I also attended the 3WA party, where I met 50 of the people I've been reading and communicating with for about 4 years now. Delightful.

On Wednesday night, I participated in the Bob Dylan Imitator's Contest and was thrilled to win the Tarantula Prize for my rendition of liner notes from Desire and The Times They Are A-Changin'.

Last nighht, I got to hear Sharon Olds and Ookla the Mok in the same evening.

Today is the Boom Days festival. And soon, my pet project, Urban Epiphany, this year at a new location!