Wednesday, October 20, 2004

And it's not even Mercury Retrograde....

Damn, I've been having a hard time. My Toshiba laptop died after a henious week of battling spyware and losing everything that was on that machine anyway (novels, poems, pictures, songs...ugh). My new laptop (a Dell Inspiron) came quickly but now I am in wireless hell, spending hours on the phone with SMC Tech Support.

Also, Buffalo is losing two of its finest poets. Brian Lampkin and family have departed for muggier climes to provide healthcare, and Sandra Guerriero is returning to Prtugal after finishing her degree at UB. The farewell parties have been fantasticlly good times (lots of dancing!), but it's bittersweet anyway.

I'm also broke, due to delayed checks, and generally stuck at home except for the occasional hangout session. At least the leaves are turning pretty colors.