Saturday, November 26, 2005

Pencil-Necked Geek

Last week I organized the contents of my bathroom drawers into ten ziploc bags. I still have the afterglow.

Tonight I started a grocery price book. Total, righteous fun.

And I messed with my wish list, of which these items are most desired:

Hoover steam-vac Jr.
Karma Soap from Lush
3WA Greeting Cards (3-Side Lovely Motion)
Refusing Heaven, poems by Jack Gilbert
Reading is Sexy t-shirt
cats-eye sunglasses
Angels in America DVD
Humboldt Fog cheese
light therapy light


I had one of the loveliest Thanksgivings in years. In fact, I had two.

I am making plans to visit Oaxaca, Mexico, in January, and can't wait.

I recieved in the mail a copy of the oral history Stan did for the library school, and loved that I will go down in history as evil, smart, and having long red hair. That's plenty.

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