Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Luke Doucet at New World

Luke Doucet did a mini-concert at New World Record this afternoon, with Melissa McLelland. (Buffalo didn't make the tour schedule on his site, oddly, but his online journal is enjoyable.) I liked--interesting lyrics, cool guitar and inventive playing ala Tom Waits, harmonies and melancholy in an Andrew Bird mode. Nice use of phone mic. I first heard of Doucet when he'd play at Nietzsche's, and Ron Ehmke made positive mention of him on his blog. (Checking it today, I see he described him almost exactly as I just did. Ah well, Great Minds.)

"It's always strange to play in music stores," quipped Luke, "because all these musical legends are staring you in the right there--Lindsay Lohan."


It's a puttering, getting-things-tucked in sort of day; tomorrow Smitty and Johnny Class come to dogsit and Jennimi and I head to A-squared, MI to soak up some Digital Library Symposium goodness.