Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stories and Poems for Sale!

Celia White is a poet and fiction writer living in Buffalo, New York.


Hello, readers!
I am offering a selection of poetry collections and short stories for download. There's always something free! Check back soon for a new set of selections, or email me at celia dot white at gmail dot com. Thank you for looking!


Poems by Celia White

This collection of poems is emotional, sensual, and deeply felt. $13


My mother brushes me aside while I'm cooking dinner.

She thinks I don't know how quickly things burn.

She doesn't know

about you.

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Short Stories

Right On Red
, a story by Celia White

Set partly in San Francisco and partly in imagination, "Right On Red" is a story about an intriguing encounter between a cab driver and a young woman with an agenda of her own. $2

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Green Apple Cut With Swiss Army Knife

The story of a young girl and her older lover, and the poetry of their experience. $2

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What to Do

A child's perspective on the breakup of a family, both sad and magical. $2

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Free Downloads

a story by Celia White

Micro-fiction with a poetic twist. FREE

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