Friday, May 04, 2012

Deck Dinner

Joe made our dinner last night--salad (with red onion, red pepper and bits of cheddar cheese) and chili and steamed broccoli. We had it on the deck with cocktails (mine a Manhattan on the rocks, his some gin thing). Our deck furniture, acquired secondhand last summer in an act of desperation, is cheap white plastic crap. The table was the worst of it--wobbly, white and grimy, and we were constantly knocking the legs with our knees.In Buffalo, evenings on the deck are as precious as they are rare, so...

For dessert, we went to T@rget, where I knew there was a metal mesh table (folding! essential for us) on temporary price cut. It is slightly smaller than the white thing, but just right for two. If we were to have more company, it would be easy to set up the plastic thing. too, but for now it is in 5 pieces in the garage.

Our deck is really rather small (pre-table shot), so decorating it in any semi-permanent way has been a challenge. I'd like to plant some herbs in large pots there, and have a small weather proof place to store some candles and cushions. It also has an awning which can be arduously rolled out when the sun is blinding, but it must be reeled back in after use, as a strong wind will rip it off without effort.