Thursday, December 05, 2002

Cold Turkey

I had the great privilege, and the best time, playing the 15th Annual John Lennon Tribute at Nietzsche's last night. The fun continues tonight, so don't miss it.

Joe Todaro and I sang "Two of Us" and "I'll be back". Most people know us as poets, so it is fun to surprise and, hopefully, entertain. We had great fun. It is our first musical outing in Buffalo together, though we did do Johnny Cash's "I've Been Everywhere" back in summer of 199 in San Francisco. Frankly, it's much more exciting to share a stage with many of Buffalo's incredibly talented musicians, including Michael Meldrum, Rick McGirr, Nelson Starr Greg Klyma, Mark Dixon and many others. As the song goes, we danced till a quarter to three...

...and slept till noon. There's more fun coming down the pike in the form of a visit from one of my favorite people, Cliff Eberhardt.