Friday, December 06, 2002

What a Difference A Day Makes

Yesterday I thought maybe I could buy the house I've been eyeing in Allentown, the one with the yard and mother-in-law cottage. I thought maybe I'd kicked the cold which has been coming on all week. I thought maybe, well, all kinds of juicy collaborative things. It was a long cloudy day.

Today the sun is out, but I don't qualify for a mortgage because they don't believe in how well one can live on a part-time job plus freelance income. I have the significant sniffles, and feel sorta lonely.

But I do have Lemon Zinger tea and thai lemongrass chili noodles and Sudafed and work to do which is useful in the world. Blessings, all.

And I do love me some Marlys paper dolls!!