Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year, everyone.

I just found the text of a speech given at the Hampshire College memorial for my old college hallmate and friend, Sander Thoenes. Its a good thing to read at the start of the year, despite the sadness of his passing, because he was so full of life, ambition, high ideals and journalistic fervor.

I had a mellow New Year's Eve with a few friends, playing Smoke* and eating "creamy foods": broiled salmon, tomato pie, cheesecake. We also watched some of Free To Be...You and Me.

CTP is back up.

* To play Smoke, one player thinks of a person likely to be known by the other players. The person can be real or fictional, living or dead. The game begins when the player says, "I'm thinking of a person, real and living" or whatever the particulars are. The other plays then commence to ask comparative questions, such as "If this person were a kind of weather, what kind of weather would s/he be?" (What kind of car, what kind of intoxicant, what genre of music, what time of year, etc.) (The name of the game comes from the question, "If this person were a kind of smoke, what kind would s/he be?")