Sunday, January 04, 2004

Sweet Memories...

Inspired by a thread at 3WA, I found this delightful site, Sweet Nostalgia, which features the candy of all of our youth. They still have Pop Rocks, candy cigarettes, Fun Dip, and a section for old games, too.

Since I grew up by the Canandian border, Coffee Crisp was a special treat for me, brought by my father, who also sometimes supplied Butter Rum Lifesavers and $100,000 bars.

When I was older, I loved Whatchamacallits (yes, what the hell were they thinking with that caramel? Bleah!), Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (though I think Reese's Pieces are vomitrocious) and Hershey's with Almonds. All of these still make me happy.

I miss Nanaimo bars, which are hard to find outside the norhernmost Pacific Northwest, though I did find one in Southern Ontario at a Tim Horton's last summer.

I vaguely remember a candy I thought of as "perfume balls", an almost glassy shell with fragrant liquid inside when it melted and cracked open. Anyone have a clue about these?


I went out today and bought beautiful blue batik fabric to cover the seats in my car. I made a Southwestern Corn Soup, too. Then I made a little collage. And now I'm on the couch in my robe making notes on the second draft of my novel (just getting back to it after a long pause) and just...feeling the happy, and the joy.