Sunday, September 12, 2004

Got To have Kaya Now

I am in A'dam at an internet cafe, arrived this afternoon after a peaceful crossing. It's to be cooler & windier later, but hopefully will have blown over by the time I go back to London. Work went well, and I've seen a good deal of my friend Hasok and his wife Gretchen.

Overhead is playing REM's "Losing My Religion", loud, and it sounds great. Already tonight, all over the neghborhood I've heard "Walkin On Sunshine", "rosanna", "Kaya", and Billy Joel's "Goodnight Saigon."

This is the dirtiest mouse and keyboard I've ever used. It just gross. But, I have to say the internet cafes seem to know what a traveller needs. There's the sense that the Netherlands is freshly using the internet culture. I'm not sure how rapid uptake was here; I'll have to find out.

I'm staying right off Leidesplaan and there's plenty going on; feels like Bourbon Street in New Orlans. In fact, there's a club across the street from my hotel by that name, and I may stop in to the open jam tonight before I crash.

I'm deeply tired from travelling, and am trying to relax more. My ankles are killing me, yo.

Off more more sightings of the lights over the canals....