Thursday, September 09, 2004

Pounds and Pence

I am in London. Arrived a day late due to the flight out of DC having no pilot, but was warmly met by Hasok and Gretchen, who tucked me in very late on a weeknight. I am still jetlagged, two days later, but it is getting better as my shin splints worsen.

I'm staying in Camden Town, and like it very much. There's even wireless connectivity at my hotel, though I must sit on the floor against the door of my room to keep it steady. WNY/10KM references are everywhere, as I wander Jamestown Road into Buck Street....In the Egyptian Hall of the British Museum, which I loved, I met a German guy wearing a Manowar t-shirt. Turned out he was a session plater with them, as is/was my drinking/brunch buddy/neighbor Joe Rozler. I tried to ask if he knew Joe, but he wasn't too friendly, so I let it go by..."Tell them Joe says 'hi'...."

Besides the work I came to do, I've had some lovely food, cooled out in the British Museum, and climbed Primrose Hill to catch a bit of the sunset in the wind. It reminded me of Fort Mason in San Francisco.

London's hardly my father's hometown anymore, and seems a very different place from when I visited in 1986--faster, more American, more international. I'm more worldly as well, but I think it's more a reflection of how worldly all the world has become.

Tonight it is the same temperature in Buffalo as it is in Amsterdam. Pictures are coming as soon as I can locate my USB cord.