Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Celia the Poet Wishes You a Happy 2005: Celebrating that the Holidays Are Over!

I am having longings for things in cities I am far from, right now.

San Francisco: Afroken paraphenalia, Liquid Silk, amaguri, and a rainy afternoon at Kabuki.

Seattle: Nanaimo bars, Japanese notebooks, and spinach with tofu and peanut sauce at Siam Garden.

New York City: jazz records and pepper spray.

London: Cornish pasties, non-USerican Kit-Kats.

I am looking forward to some projects and events: Urban Epiphany 2005, Anselm Berrigan's February workshop, rearranging all my art, and my first art opening: a collaboration between Jeff Vincent and myself--my lines of poetry and Jeff's pen and ink etchings.