Sunday, January 09, 2005

You Do What I Can Only Name

Jeff Vincent and I opened our exhibit of etchings/lines of poetry last night at College Street Gallery (link good till 1/28). We sold three pieces! Thrilling.

This has been a fun and funny collaboration. I met and mostly only ever see Jeff at the Hour of Repose (what is known as happy hour elsewhere), and one night we got talking about how we both love Edward Gorey. I proposed to give him some poems to make drawings in response. As it happened, he liked best the random lines in my long "Abecedary" poem, and chose 12. The black and white etchings are spooky, funny, and beautiful. I love them all.

We hardly discussed process, or each others' work, and decided administrative things quickly and without fuss.

Other projects: organizing recipes into page protectors, and binders; organize poems; print out blog and CTP for preservation.