Sunday, May 15, 2005

Rising, and then some

Buffalo Rising is a free quarterly magazine put out by several of my friends and neighbors. It profiles experiences in my town just the way I would (and has published photos of mine), and it the sort of publication you might send to friends who've moved away or never yet come to visit (I'm looking at you, everyone but Sean).

I'm happy to see that BR has a new blog, updated daily, which is not only drawing attention to fun stuff like Brad Pitt in a Michael Morgulis "City of No Illusions" t-shirt, but drawing the B-lo together in a virtual sense, as I haven't enjoyed since leaving San Francisco. I notice that people I know (poets, librarians, teachers) are blogging and contributing. It's good to see them online, even if Buffalo will always be a place where I'll more often run into them on the street or at the bookstore or at the bar.

La Salle Park, and the river, in the fog.

And another happiness, lilacs outside my window.