Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Big Big Beautiful

Mellow Sunday, making enchiladas and brownies for a late night dinner, after my reading tonight at Rust Belt Books (Y'all come!). Listening to Ani DiFranco's old Puddle Dive on cassette, enjoying it, and feeling happy about the soon-to-come Church venue of hers here in Buffalo. It's exciting to hear her enthusiasm for both music and poetry to take place there.

I would love to have Urban Epiphany there sometime.

Speaking of, plans are underway for the 5th Urban Epiphany poetry marathon, to take place April 30, 2006. Watch your email/phone machine for an invite if you are a local poet, and if I don't know you, feel free to drop me a line (celia.white at gmail dot com) to snag an opportunity. I'm gratified to say that many people have told me it is their favorite poetry/art event of the year here, and that it builds community among writers here like nothing else.