Thursday, June 08, 2006

On Being Broke and Rich

Money has been scarce around the Poet's Garrett lately. While the situation is improving, thank the goddess, I have had plenty of time to both suffer and enjoy living without money.

Things got quieter. I stopped cable service, watched less crap and more of my own choosing: movies I hadn't seen in a while, borrowed from friends or the library. Yoga.

More openness in the head. What to do? Take a walk--no, a longer walk. Make dinner slowly. Read more. Clean something different. Research something you are wondering about. Writing practice.

Getting rid of stuff feels like getting money. I don't know why this should be, but I feel an almost giddy joy when I let go of something I don't need or use. And making a meal from just what ou have on hand is a pretty cool challenge if you have cupboards like mine.

Learning is free. I have been researching: herbs, flowers, nutrition, sewing patterns, Buffalo trivia, Alice Notley.

I'll be in the DC area in mid-July. Will you?


Here are two plants in my garden which I identified through online research. Very proud of myself.

Lunaria, aka Money Plant, Honesty Plant. In the fall, the plant puts of papery-coin-like pods--very lovely.

And this crazy thing is Comfrey! I had no idea. What an abundance of this powerful plant I have! Need any?