Thursday, June 08, 2006

Yard Sale, Yard Sale, Yard Sale! Everything Must Go!

Multi-family yard sale Saturday 9-5 on the block of Norwood between Bryant and Summer. Baby clothes (boy), toys, motorcycle helmet, computers for parts, women's clothes (S-M), household items, books, and much more.


In preparation for this weekend's yard sale, I put on gloves and tackled a job that has probably never been done before in this rented residence--cleared out the basement.

3 broken fans, 2 broken chairs, 20 cans of paint, and 10 water-damaged empty boxes--out they went. There's also a couch I can't move, and a variety of "house" stuff the landlord must deal with. It's filthy and dark and still too full.

But my yard sale stuff is on the porch, the trash is full, too, and I feel righteous.


Further notes of a frugal nature:

* T@rget brand Magic-Eraser is not as good as the Mr. Clean original.

* Dandelion greens are practically the most nutritious food ever, and are so delicious boiled with carrot, cooked in garlicky olive oil, and served with pine nuts.

I harvested comfrey for drying today, and put up a batch of mineral vinegar--apple cider vinegar with dandelion and comfrey leaves in it. In six weeks, tablespoon of this stuff will deliver more calcium than a glass of milk.

Righteous, indeed.