Monday, September 04, 2006

Tech-Cred Screed

I'm a little afraid to admit it: I'm thinking about letting my domain expire. was a gift (thank you, Sean) and a perfect one for 1999 San Francisco. I'd had webpages of sorts before that, though I was as happy as anyone to see hand-coding go its way in favor of blogging and templates. I was also happy to support the ultra-cool (As you can see by their page, they're about as interested in updating a web site as I am.)

But, as you've probably noticed, if I write at all, it is via my blogs. Also, there is the expense, considerable as I cut all corners. And the fun of FTPing. This, perhaps, I shall recover from.

I guess I am just I less of a "person" online without a domain behind me? In what way should I care? Who shall mourn if I sink into blogging obscurity? It is no more or less shallow than allows now.

I feel vaguely Shakespearean (tragic? comic? O, I am slain?) about it all.