Monday, December 08, 2008

Herbs on Sunday

I made an Etsy shop, where you can purchase my book, Letter, or my many herbal tinctures and oils. Thanks for looking.


The very cold, dry air made my lungs ache today--I must say, I often feel the ghost of the bronchitis I had last winter. I self-tested and then took a few (less than 3) drops each of elecampane tincture and New England aster tincture. The distress eased; I was inclined to take a few deep breaths.

All day since, my lungs have felt the need to expand--like muscles which long to be stretched. I'm doing as much deep breathing as I can, to satisfy them. It's an odd, but not unpleasant, feeling.

After getting off work at midnight, I made myself an herbal foot bath. It featured salt, chamomile flowers (which I grew myself), lavender oil. Perhaps best of all, I rubbed my warm and rested feet with ginger oil (which I made myself). Feels terribly nice, especially on this brittle cold day (-4 F windchill as I came home tonight).


Thinking a lot about making things. I have been cooking a lot, but I miss gathering and working with plants. I feel drawn to sewing, as I often do in winter. Is it time to get a machine, take a class? Perhaps.

Remembering my childhood dollhouse and all the ways it inspired me to create: making clothes, furniture, other things for it, and years of writing novels about the characters, years before I heard the word fanfiction.