Monday, April 06, 2009

Goons Ply

It's 2AM. The other night I was up until 3 watching American Masters on Jonestown--fascinating, but not good to sleep after. There's nothing on tonight; I've been watching Jill Scott videos and reading about

Now I'm listening to the Metatalk podcast. Matt and cortex talk over and ignore jessamyn, to my ear. She sounds exasperated & I totally relate. It aint right.

It was a pretty beautiful day, though, an afternoon of warmth in the midst of a cold, wet thud of a weather pattern.

The Musician and I woke up early enough to catch all of Wait Wait, and then we went to Sweetness7Cafe at Grant and Lafayette, my first visit, though it has been open a few months. They have food now, and a full coffee menu, wood cabinets, tin ceiling, good volume (meaning, quiet in music and vibe) and the feel of a Seattle coffee room. I liked it very much.

I started seeds: Turkish eggplant, cilantro, green onion, broccoli. Wish I had some spinach seeds! I am really looking forward to gardening this summer. My sweet potatoes are going gangbusters, too.

TM went off to see his fanily for an early Easter celebration. I took a hot bath in the hour remaining, read some of the Dylan book, packed an orange and beef stew and the last bit of brownie and some tea and went to work for 6 hours. Tears on the laptop, the girl who saved her paper on the desktop before the thing shut down. It's really not the time to learn what "deep freeze" is and why you should read the message on the screen about saving to the college server right away. (Save early and often, dear ones!)

I am finding it a sad truth that part-time work at several jobs is often more exhausting and less well-paying than one full time job. Which I have long avoided. (I have my reasons, all of them poetic and personal.) I am opening it up the Universe, though. How shall I make a living, a real living; how shall I live?

Yes, yes they do.

I got to play the word "quim" today, too. Hee!