Tuesday, August 13, 2002

It is so hot here, 90 in the city today with 42% humidity. This evening, walking the dog, I went through every sprinkler on our street, giggling like mad when the spray hit my shoulders. Mariah wanted none of it, but it was truly marvelous on my human skin.

I like my block a lot. It has all kinds--lounge singer two doors down, a girl who sits by a tree or on a wall to write in her journal, young teachers, students, older folks, lots of happy dogs. Everyone noticed that I came back from vacation a little early; everyone lit up with true joy when I reported that I have a new job.

Did I tell about the job? No! Just before I went on vacation, I had an interview was a part-time reference librarian position at E.H. Butler Library at Buffalo State College, just a mile or so down the road. Mind you, I have many friends there, in large part due to the fact that my mother worked in Bibliographic Control (Cataloging) for many, many years before retiring. BSC is also where I attended elementary school for 6 years, at the then very stimulating, rather experimental College Learning Laboratory School (Campus West--now the Buckham Campus School).

I'm pleased and proud to reportI was offered the job on the spot, and begin orientation on Thursday. Its a good job for me, academic and helpful, comes with benfits and the natural perks which come with college libraries--good stuff to read, lots of periodicals, esoteric reference questions, Interlibrary Loan privleges, special projects. All this plus benefits!