Thursday, August 29, 2002

Kongs & Bones

First night alone on the Reference desk at the do sound sexy, don't it? No diggity. For the record, I am behind the desk, but that sounds so unfriendly. Actually it's very quiet and pleasant, the sound of typing and thinking.

I hid both yummy and fun things about the apartment for the dog to find after I left, and I hope she is entertaining herself with these rather than by strewing my decks of playing cards about the place or nibbling on my copy of the out-of-print Lion and Blue.

The other day I said to a friend, "I wish there were something Mariah could do to entertain herself while I am out, like reading."

My friend, who has a rather psychedelic mind (or what is left after imbibing select psychedelics years ago), "Said, oh, maybe there is!"

"You think?" I queried.

"Maybe you could make a tape of yourself reading to her, and telling her she's a very good doggie."

Not bad, I thought. I haven't, yet. Meanwhile, it's Kongs & bones.