Tuesday, August 13, 2002

More Peace and Quiet Than I Am Used To

So, I was on vacation for a few sweet, very relaxing days. Mariah and I were hosted first by Sarah and Dave at their cabin on Crane Mountain, in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York State.

Their daughter Isabelle is three and a delight, though frightened of my sweet and gentle dog who merely wished to sniff her feet.

Mariah had a glorious time, anyway, running leashless everywhere.

After two nights in their blissfully quiet cabin (which has running water [culled from a nearby spring] and only a bit of electricity), I drove tiny roads through NY, VT and NH till I reached the Huberman homestead at Sunset Lake, in Greenfield, NH.

We did their rituals, many of which have been going on since Anne was a baby, approximately 60 years ago. We had breakfast on the dock by the boathouse. We paddled the canoe around the lake at dusk. We had a sauna (pronounced the proper Swedish way, sow-na) and cooled off in the lake.

We also caught a little, early bit of the Perseid meteor shower. You may recall I saw some of Leonid shower from my roof in San Francisco last year. Lying on a dock in a rural place where the Milky way is visible as a matter of course beat that experience to pieces, but I am grateful for any glimpse of starlife.