Tuesday, September 10, 2002


Happy because the breeze is light & cool & I am wearing a shirt I like & dancing to the CD I made for Emile (Richie Havens [I knew that was Emile drumming on Freedom at Glastonbury 2002!], Spearhead, Angelique Kidjo, India.Arie....) I made this CD and then devoted an hour to collage for the cover.

It feels so good to make things, just cause you want to. Their having a decorative purpose is satisfying too, but I love the feeling of making something, especially to give away, just because I can. I'll give it to him tonight between dart games, between glasses of bad red wine, between songs.

I'm also happy because I have been engaged to teach Writer's Circle again at City Honors. This is an afterschool writing group, mostly high school poets, which I attended as a student, then resurrected and ran for 5 years. I've now been away from it for 5, a full generation of kids. I've missed it terribly.

Another perk of coming home has been running into my old students. Nearly without exception, they still have writing as a part of their lives. This is all I ever wanted.