Friday, September 20, 2002

Shocking as it may seem, there are actually many ways in which the Bush Administration can be likened to Hitler's regime...and of course you know how the Bush family supported the Nazi regime financially for over a decade. Some of this information is very disturbing, some just fluff, but all of it means we must pursue information, read carefully, make our own judgements and vote whenever possible.

The American people lost the right to elect their president when the U.S. Supreme Court commited a coup d'etat by approving the stealing of the presidency by George W. Bush.

The 11/14/01 announcement that any person designated as a terrorist by the President is to be placed under the control of the Secretary of Defense and not allowed the aid of US or foreign courts.

Persons are being held in American prisons without being allowed to contact their attorney.

The consultations between persons in American prisons and their attorneys are being monitored by "justice" officials.

Men, women, and children can be murdered without compunction--as at Ruby Ridge and Waco--and the person ultimately responsible for these "police-state" atrocities will be promoted to become the head of the agency guilty of these crimes.