Thursday, May 29, 2003

Making the Mind an Alley?

Sean came for a visit, bringing handmade puzzle and holy book. Much fun was had by all.

Most of Tuesday we spent seeing art: the Masterworks show at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, plus my usual faves: the Rothko, the Pollock ("Convergence"), the Anselm Kiefer I fully adore ("Die Milchstrasse/The Milky Way") and then in the first proper thunderstorm of summer visited Michael Morgulis in his studio at the Tri-Main Building, a huge factory on Main Street which still houses factories as well as studios, non-profits, and art spaces.

At Hallwalls, a fun show: The B-List: Brooklyn, Angst, and Desire. My absolute favorite are Beth Campell's poetic diagrams, "Potential Future Based on Present Circumstances" (an example of which can be seen here; last image on the page.)

A great late night at the bar. "Your friends are great," Sean said, somewhere around 3:30 AM. Yeah, he got a backrub, free dream interpretation and the company of some of the best people in town. I love my town.

From Michael Morgulis' Buffalo Series.