Monday, December 26, 2005

Consumption Day

Days of giving, much pleasure. Today was unto me.

This gritty, drizzly Boxing Day was one of input. I had a BLT club with my former poetry student Eve Louise Tulbert, played a hand of Royalty with tea, then went out to Media Play, which is closing. I've shopped there maybe once ever, but I wasn't above scoring on their 30-50% off sale.

I got many things I've wanted for a long time. Some were silly (Corinna, Corinna, The Best of Mike Myers), some were covted (The Tick TV series, Angels in America) some just self indulgent because I have them on tape (FM Destiny Rules, Seal 2, Joan Osborne's Relish) but I managed to pass up Arthur and Rush (the movie). Ok, stop laughing now.

Tonight was wine and Christmas cookies with jennimi, and then an hour in the tub finishing James Young's Nico: The End. This is dark, well-written, and sometimes very funny account by the piano player on the Teutonic chanteuse.

Lines inspired:

sake for the dry god
slamming guitar case, door
fan leaves blossom tears

former colleague
enshrouded in smoke
from her bitter vocal

pink girl
pulped on sidewalk
17 year old star

with many eyes open
we enter your city
and head for the heart.