Thursday, October 10, 2002

Free at last!

Hotmail can bite me. Oh yeah, they already did--only allowing me to block a few of the millions of spammers in the world, bombarding mw with pop-up ads, servers frequently down (no upgrade has ever improved my emailing experience), and failing to deliver a great deal of my incoming messages last week. They are still trickling in, 6, 7 days after they were sent...

So tonight I spent nearly 4 hours transferring my address book by hand (beacuse Hotmail sucks & has no export option). It was interesting to ponder each person & each name as it went past. Some of these addresses I've never used; at least ten, I'm sure, will bounce back. Still, I'm hoping to get some updates out of my friends, who are as near as 4 blocks away & as far away as the UK.