Saturday, October 12, 2002

What I did today (the unexpergated version)

Listened to car talk,
had coffee,
made granola from scratch,
washed dishes,
wrote in journal,
walked dog,
checked email,
made oatmeal, ate oatmeal while watching america's test kitchen,
dressed & got stuff ready for workwent to peace vigil,
went to work,
checked email, defragmented work hard drive,
worked reference desk,
answered maybe 25 reference questions,
ate tiger's milk bar,
checked email multiple times & blogged,
read OLJs,
played GNE, chatted with Jill,
ate noodles, chatted with colleagues, talked to Joe,
went home,
talked to Kteela,
walked dog,
checked email, downloaded songs,
alphabetized CDs,
bathed dog,
did dishes,
cleaned out closet & got rid of 2 bags worth of clothes (frankly, I am 33 and the jeans I wore ten years ago aint makin a comeback),
made dinner,
watched The Big Chill
took a bath,
checked email,