Thursday, October 03, 2002

Okay, I promised an update.

I am wearing silver fingernail polish and purple toenail polish. I didn't sleep till 4 AM last night because I had coffee at 4 pm, stupid after days off coffee. Days with no coffee occur only when I am sick--in this case, feverish & feeling overrun with germs.

I am better now.

I got the Sims Unleashed & like it lots. I am happy Mark Driver updated after, what, a year? I've been meeting people (by which I mean men) and having interesting conversations. Then I go home & hang out with my dog.

I signed up for Game Neverending. I cancelled my extraneous phone services because I hate Verizon & even more hate paying them a crazy-making $90 per month. I am rockin' out angel style at my job & get thank yous, wine and marriage proposals along with my job satisfaction.

Really not much to report but this: the leaves are beginning to turn, beginning to fall. I go about in sandals and barefeet whenever possible. I like my life.