Tuesday, January 07, 2003


Yesterday was the Christian holiday of Epiphany. Aptly, Joe Todaro and I have begun preparations for our own festival of consciousness, Urban Epiphany. It will be held April 27, 2003 at the Unitarian Universalist Church at Elmwood and West Ferry in our beautiful city.

For those who don't know, Urban Epiphany is a community gathering of all local poets, each of whom are invited to read for two minutes each. This takes some hours, during which folks come and go, laugh and cry, get caught on film & generally have a better time than they expected to. Because Joe and I are both Tauruses and I am a librarian and Joe so helpful, the event is almost frighteningly tightly organized, which damn near guarantees a good time for all, but requires that if you want to participate, you contact us early, like now.