Saturday, January 04, 2003

A Little Tenderness

l love my town. An hour of darts at my bar. Meanwhile, defrosting the fridge, and a quick trip home to check on drip and dog. A little groove to Stevie W.'s "Superstition." Then back out with Jae-boy ( technically a girl) to Mohawk Place (where I always seem to drink too much & cry) but where Mike Campagna & the Average Johnsons were playing, with my pal Liz Abbott sitting in to sing. And John Allen, playing sax, which can never be beat unless Kim Preston is in the house, in which case they should duel.

Mike asked me up to do some of my poem "Kali Yuga" at an instrumental break. (There is clear reason I've been watching music so avidly for going on 21 years, but it is not only this...) I spoke, shouted, sang my bit and stayed onstage with Liz to sing some back-up and sat back down to huge applause, more than most poets ever see but this is my town, it's my town.

And now it is just shy of 11 pm and I have ravioli on thew stove & real Grandma Guercio red sauce which no one could ever be sorry to consume. Ella Fitzgerald & Blondie on the jukebox. This is my life & I am happy in it.