Monday, January 20, 2003


Got so stir crazy in the cold & limbo that I decided to visit Toronto in the sub-zero weather. Had a lovely time, visiting and having Ethiopian food.

In the restroom at the resto.

At the Cadillac Lounge (a kind of Elvis-y, honky-tonk place), we caught a great band, Taxi Chain. Their music was, we concurred, completely uncategorizable ("the funkiest nagpipe combo on the planet"), featuring mandolin and tenor sax and a bagpipe. Sometimes folk would get up and jig. Those crazy Canadians.

I ended my visit in the best possible way, with a few hours in the hot tub and sauna at the Elmwood Spa, followed by a massage. Not quite Kabuki, but lovely.


Everytime I go to a spa or retreat, I find I am consumed with thoughts of starting one myself. I know exactly what I like and what I don't. I like a little soft music. I like a whispering rule. I like clothing-optional. I like it not to be like a gym. I like a cold plunge. I like the little extras: cold water with lemon in it, cucumber for the eyes, washcloths, free soap & shampoo in the showers, free q-tips, lotion, some sea salt to scrub with in the steam room. I like some weak green tea. I like to be outside a bit sometimes. I liked the terry robes at the Elmwood, the elegant brick building. I like massage to be available but not mandatory. I like no time limits. I like it to be a little bit dim, not too flourescent or chlorine-y.

One day....