Friday, October 13, 2006

Buffalo: blogging disaster

I added some more pics to my set. Also check out the Buffalo set at Flickr. This is a day when I desperately wish Buffalo had a true web infrastructure--there's almost no information online about road conditions, power restoration, or closings. Radio and tv news are up-to-date, though.

The horror which is the Buffalo News website has one story. One.

As far as I can tell, driving bans are in effect everywhere still, due to limbs and downed power lines. The power companies are talking about it being a week before power is back on for everyone. As far as I can tell, no customers have had power restored as of yet (this storm began about 25 hours ago.)

It's hard not to think of other poorly managed disasters of late.

We're still fine, but most folks I talked to by phone today had no power or heat. We're lucky that the temperature is 47F at the moment.