Wednesday, October 11, 2006

October Update

Love getting new incense; the little holder in the top of the box. Flick, click, light, peace.

Driving south, the sunset light on the brick of the buildings, my harvest, pretty as any tree line.

Tonight after the poetry reading (where I mostly heard the names of plants, the register of light), splashy rain in the dark of Allen Street, and wind. Leaves blown into the entry way of the bookstore, the bar. (Poems by Martin Clibbens, Ethan Paquin; art by Dana Scott, Jeff Vincent.)

Chickweed is coming up everywhere in my yard, where it never was before. Matthew Wood's Plants as Medicine and Alice Notley's Alma, or The Dead Woman in the mail today.

Hats from all over the world to be sent to the cancer center in Ottawa.

Many small, interesting jobs. A little work on the novel. Gomasio, apple pie, dog romp in cemetery, disheveled mornings watching the squirrels from second-floor kitchen window.

Paid off my credit card.